Phase I Clone Troopers

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Phas I Clone Troopers

Boxen indeholder 7 umalede Clone Troopers. 5 Phase I Clone Troopers med DC-15A Blaster Rifles en Z-6 og en DC-15 Phase I Trooper. Samt tokens og Unit kort.

Phase 1 Clone Troopers


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The first troops to take the field in the Clone Wars, Phase 1 Clone Troopers represent a new era of galactic warfare. Genetically crafted for battle and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, Clone Troopers charge into battle on countless worlds to do the job they were made for: defeat the Separatist Alliance and restore order to the galaxy.

The Phase I Clone Troopers Unit Expansion contains a full unit of seven unique, unpainted miniatures, identical to the Phase I Clone Troopers included in the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set. Five Troopers wielding DC-15A Blaster Rifles are joined by a Z-6 Trooper and a DC-15 Phase I Trooper. This expansion also includes a unit card and an assortment of upgrade cards, inviting you to customize your Clone Troopers’ gear to fit your battle plan.



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