Boba Fett Operative Expansion

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Boba Fett Operative Expansion

I denne expansion får du muligheden for at spille med Boba Fett.
Expansion indeholder 1 Boba Fett figur, Specielle kort, samt unit og upgrade kort.

Figurene kommer usamlet og umalet

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“Despite the military advantages of the Galactic Empire, it is difficult for them to completely stamp out the flames of rebellion. The Rebels always seem to be one step ahead, secreting themselves away in the far corners of the galaxy. So when the Empire needs someone who can do more than fire a blaster, Imperial generals have no qualms about hiring bounty hunters to track important Rebel targets and join the fight alongside their troops. Now, one of the galaxy’s deadliest hired guns is available to hunt down and eliminate Rebel scum wherever they can be found.”



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