Snowtroopers Unit Expansion

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Snowtroopers Unit Expansion

I denne expansion får du en komplet unit af 7 Snowtroopers.
Expansion indeholder alle nødvendige unit og upgrade kort.

Figurene kommer usamlet og umalet

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“No matter how dangerous the freezing temperatures on a planet, you’ll find that your Snowtroopers are equipped to handle the killing cold with ease. Within the Snowtroopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion, you’ll find seven unpainted Snowtrooper miniatures, inviting you to field these troopers as a single unit and combat the Rebellion in even the most hostile and adverse environments. Alongside these Snowtroopers, you’ll find an assortment of upgrade cards, inviting you to kit out your Snowtroopers for whatever you expect to face on the field of battle.”



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