Phantom II -20%

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Phantom II Expansion Pack indeholder en malet X-wing Phantom II figur.
Ud over modellen, indeholder pakken tilhørende Tokens og kort.

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“From its initial appearance in the first season of Star Wars Rebels, the Phantom has been a valuable tool, docking with the Ghost and providing a second starship for the Lothal Rebels to use in their fight against the Empire. In the third season of Star Wars Rebels, that ship is replaced with the Phantom II.

Recovered by the Spectres from a Clone Wars-era military base, the Phantom II is a heavily modified Sheathipede-class shuttle with upgraded weapons and a custom docking system compatible with the Ghost. With a little love from the crew of the Ghost, the Phantom II can become a part of your Rebel squadron with the power to forge a legend as large as the original Phantom.”



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